Senior Java Architect

• Strong experience with Java 8 (including functional aspects, lambdas, etc.), Spring Framework, Hibernate/JPA, SQL
• Strong knowledge of building RESTful services
• Strong knowledge of Enterprise Integration Patterns
• Strong experience in working in Agile and DevOps environments; is familiar with planning sessions, estimation techniques and ensures that all engineering tasks are recorded in agreed tools.
• Strong experience in designing and documenting software platforms including physical, logical, sequence and ERD diagrams where necessary.
• Knowledge of scalability levers in high volume, low latency transactional systems; is able to design and build software that services the agreed KPIs
• Knowledge of security aspects especially for digital media systems
• Knowledge of Payments ecosystem (terminology, transaction flows, etc.).
• Strong focus on building stable, auditable systems that scale.
• Multi-platform technology experience, ideally Java, Javascript & SQL. He should be able to develop code in two or more of these languages.


As an Architect, you will handle suites of large applications to make sure they are working together properly.
Additionally, you must come up with the overall vision of the application and/or system(s) and then work with delivery teams to execute a plan that turns that idea into a reality.
As an Architect, you should have a well-developed business sense and the ability to understand how a solution fits into the overall business needs the client has.
An Architect should be an excellent communicator in order to convey the technical ideas to different stakeholders of different level (i.e. Chief Technology Officer, Product Owners, Delivery Team members and others).
Helps build software that adheres to agreed KPIs and NFRs as well as designs and engineers shippable code with stability, scalability and security in mind.
Is accountable for maintaining a high-quality engineering pipeline and is a strong believer in Continuous Delivery of shippable software
Works with the business stakeholders to define technical options/solutions for delivering new capabilities and/or features. Committed to iterative architecture and able to break down capabilities and/or features into manageable stories effectively, unblocking issues as they arise
As an Architect, you are not always involved in hands-on coding but you will be expected to mentor and support senior and junior engineers, to ensure code quality and standards across the team, to drive best practices trough code reviews, ensuring adequate code coverage for the developed system(s).
Focuses on growing the technical capability of the team(s) having a strong drive for successful implementation of TDD, BDD, Scrum & other Agile aspects associated with high-performance teams.
Keeps updating knowledge with the latest technology trends.

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