Senior Backend Developer at Prophets/Antwerp

Job Category: Senior Backend Developer at Prophets/Antwerp
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Antwerp

While the rest of the world may think Yii is the new Wii game (does Wii even still exist?) and Laravel is the name that famous popstar just gave his baby, you know better. Just like you know there’s nothing headless about taking a Headless approach.

That’s why we need you. Someone who’s Agile as a cat and skilled at sprinting. Preferably you have a good 5 years of experience and enough patience to guide junior team members gently in the right direction as our Lead Backend Developer.

We’re a diverse bunch here, and we just love that everyone has their own unique skill set. That back-end, front-end, design, copy and account teams all contribute to that cool new website or app that makes our clients happy (and has everyone else abuzz).

You’ll work for a diverse portfolio of A-list clients and will lead our development team. You love to be creative and sculpt from scratch (Laravel, Yii), but you’re results are just as good when building upon the work of others (WordPress, Drupal 8). Sounds like you? Join us!

You’re proud to have:

  • PHP expertise
    • configurations (PHP-FPM)
    • PHP design pattern
    • experience with common PHP frameworks and CMSes:
    – Laravel, Yii,
    – WordPress, Drupal 8, CraftCMS, Headless approach is a bonus
    • PHP Standards
    • PHPUnit
    • Open-source contributions
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL advanced knowledge, experience with optimisation strategies and Dbschema
  • Search engines knowledge: Solr or Elasticsearch
  • Devops skills:
    • Git and Composer
    • Debugging backend applications (code & database)
    • Linux instructions and Bash
    • Application caching
    • Authentication/Authorization methodologies
    • Web servers: Nginx and/or Apache
    • MacOS
    • Knowledge of Docker based development is a plus
  • NodeJS and proxies skills are a bonus

This is where you shine

  • You write secure, comprehensible and testable code in your sleep. And you’re adept at reviewing code from your junior colleagues.
  • You’re able to make a thorough analysis of project technical needs and write technical documentation.
  • You flawlessly write and maintain documentation, as well as general guidelines for your development team.
  • You’re an expert in your domain, with tangible backend development – and preferably also some devops – skills.
  • You’re a quick learner who loves to experiment with new technologies and keeps up with the latest releases.
  • Your open source contributions show you are passionate about your day to day job.
  • You know communication is key to keep everything running smoothly within your team, and you enjoy working with junior colleagues.
  • You have some knowledge of Agile and Scrum and are used to work in sprint modus.
  • You’re a master of zen.
  • You’ve at least 5 years of experience in a similar function.

What we can offer you

  • A client list with A-brands
  • Autonomy, opportunities for personal growth, training & education
  • A positive atmosphere, a great team and comfortable offices
  • A workload with respect for your work-life balance
  • A competitive salary and extra benefits

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