NATO DevSecOps Pre-Pathfinder: Angular Front-End Developer

Job Category: NATO DevSecOps Pre-Pathfinder: Angular Front-End Developer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bucharest

Brief description of the company

…enthusiastic and outstanding! … helpful and present! …young and smart!… ah, almost forgot:
also good-looking!…

This is in a nutshell the Lugera team in Romania.

A bunch of dedicated, happy people ready to face in a natural, positive and friendly fashion all your challenges… a bunch of people at the service of people, unconditionally!

We started with hope in our souls and a smile on our faces when many others were there, way ahead of us.
We managed to make our voice heard out loud and the warmth of our hearts touched each and every recruitment we accomplished… why? …because we are caring people, driven by the power of

And you know what? We continue this way! And Lugera Republic is whatever republic should be: smiles on every face, glamour on every “street”, laughter and success in every “building”!

Everyone who applies for a Lugera job is officially a citizen of our republic!


Minimum of 5 years of front-end development experience with the following technologies: Angular, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS or one of its preprocessors such as LESS, Sass or Stylus;
Experience with Service-oriented Architecture software design and with the ingestion of web APIs;
Experience with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) or similar token formats such as Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML);
Experience with Visual Studio;
Experience with Design Thinking, Dev(Sec)Ops and Agile software development;
Experience with cloud computing services such as Microsoft Azure;
Preferably, previous work experience with NATO;
Preferably, experience with the development of Health Information Technology;
Preferably, an understanding of patient tracking;
The ability to conduct all work in English.


Participating in design discussions;
Writing the application front-end, namely: Web pages, Style sheets, Limited business code.

If interested, please apply at NATO DevSecOps Pre-Pathfinder: Angular Front-End Developer (

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