Java developer (end-2-end development) @ Inovio

Job Category: Java developer (end-2-end vývoj)
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Prague

Come to us if:

  1. You like small teams and big things
  2. You actively want to contribute ideas to customer solutions
  3. You want to see how your SW is actually used by dozens of customers and make their lives easier

We are a small company of software professionals and we are obsessed with creating simple and functional software solutions for our customers. In our work, we prefer the continuous improvement of proposals and the solution of discussions and consultations with each other, as it should be in the right team. However, once it is discussed, we do not wait for anything and agilely create and deliver solutions for customers.

We never leave each other in trouble and live by the motto of doing the right things right.

Our goal is to create solutions together to clean people’s paper tables from our customers and automate everything that can be automated.

If you no longer want to be the gear of a large machine, where your speed will not be affected and you want to be part of a small team of professionals and develop top applications and if you are an energetic and optimistic personality, do not hesitate and write or call.

The scope of your work will be:

  • Development of new workflows and non-workflows, cloud and non-cloud applications, but in any case 99% of them will be web things.
  • Keywords for your work: Java EE, Hibernate, Spring, Seam, JBPM, Vaadin, SQL, Sving,

Specifically, you will do:

  1. You will perform analysis and technical design
  2. You implement your technical design (programming)
  3. You will design and implement your own tests at the unit and assembly level
  4. And then you technically integrate your project into the customer’s environment
  5. Points 1-4 will be repeated regularly, so it will not be a fox.
  6. We will help you with everything, because you will work in a minimum of 2-3 colleagues.
  7. If you don’t feel / don’t want to solve FE, then you don’t have to, FE dev solves it with us (but you can also become one :).
  8. You will simply feel good with us, as you will be responsible for your own delivery of E2E, but programming will remain a really important part of the work.

We need:

  • Knowledge of Java and SQL (experience is an advantage)
  • Knowledge of development patterns
  • Ability to quickly orient in Seam, Spring and source code technologies.
  • Focus on results and completion
  • Independence, tightener, internal motivation
  • Actively contribute ideas to customer solutions and learn new things and
  • University or high school (also university student), min. passive English

The advantage will be:

  • Experience HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS and other web technologies
  • Experience Java development
  • Experience Vaadin an advantage
  • Experience with workflow an advantage

What we have for you:

  • You will see how your outputs / products will actually be used by customers, they will be happy for you and they will want other things from you
  • Informal relationships and openness, regular visits to events and restaurants on behalf of the company
  • Experienced and friendly leadership
  • Friendly team and respect
  • Clear rules, independence
  • Free working hours and home office
  • Inspirational education
  • Opportunity to promote your own opinions and involvement in determining the direction of products and development strategies
  • Agile approaches
  • Pleasant working environment and financial evaluation according to the customer’s smile
  • Work on IR, HPP and DPP


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